iStock_000008560944Medium-rgbDirect representatives of carriers can only sell their own products and services which
provides biased information. (They will all tell you their company is the best for you.)  We are expert Telecom Consultants and agents, expect you dont pay us, the Network companies will.

Expedio will shop multiple carriers and provide an objective recommendation
based on experience, not quotas. In addition, we are able to offer products from different divisions of carriers including wholesale. Expedio will cut your evaluation time in half as we submit three simultaneous quotes based on your needs and the Service provides you prefer. Basically we will do the leg work for you and you are still contracting directly with the service provider. When you are ready to review costs or design a network, put us to work for you!

Save Time and Money by giving your business a single point of contact for all of your
services – even if multiple bids and/or carriers are needed. Receive unbiased information and get the best deals your company qualifies for. Let us manage your RFP and get better results with less effort. We can even show you how to combine carriers that are complementary, creating Best-Of-Breed solutions which provide both least cost and redundancy.

Remember, we are not resellers of Telecommunications, we are agents representing carriers directly. Your service, billing and customer service will be provided directly by the carrier you choose. You will also have one of our agents as a contact to answer questions and help you communicate with the carriers.

At Expedio, we simplify your telecommunications decisions to make your business more efficient.