Wire HUB

Expedio communications works with all Major Network Service Providers, such as AT&T, Verizon, Century Link, Comcast.. to name a few, as an Agent, to provide Businesses with the due diligence to make decisions when changing or upgrading voice or data services.  This process will minimize evaluation time frames by providing companies with 2-4 quotes from major Network Service providers and making recommendations based on over 20 years of experience.   In addition, Expedio will assist in the follow thru of the installation project, due dates and review of invoice as this tends to be a time consuming and difficult process.  Any service offered by service providers we can help you price out.  We have access to Engineers and experts from each company to answer any question and peace of mind you deserve. The agreement is directly between customers and the Network Service provider, and we are the negotiators that will help you price out and compare the options.  Here are the most common products available from Network Service providers:

Network Services
Dedicated Internet Circuits
• Data Network connectivity: MPLS, SDN
• Data Center
• Cloud Managed Services
• IOT & XaaS Solutions

LAN/WAN Network
• Network Assessment
• Information Security
• Deployment Services
• Wireless Networks
• IT Department Services
• End to End Video Conferencing  Multi-site Solutions

• Voice, Video and Data Wiring


Dedicated Internet Access

High speed Dedicated Internet access with the features you need to stay connected to your customers, business partner, and employees.  Internal and external applications are cloud based it is more important than ever to depend on a reliable connection and a backup.  Companies should include management of the internet connectivity to ensure that it is always available and can seamlessly flip between connectivity in case of failure by one of the providers .  Lack of a managed service can sacrifice the quality of service employees and customer expect from companies.  Cost is no longer an issue these days, as carries compete on pricing and reliability for the benefit of the customers.

Managed LAN / WAN  Services

Managed LAN / WAN services provides monitoring, event management, maintenance and support services for enterprises with more than 50 Internet Protocol (IP) enabled device endpoints on their premises. This includes any qualifying device in the customer Wide Area Network (WAN) or Local Area Network (LAN). Don’t let monitoring, troubleshooting, resolving bottlenecks, bandwidth limitations, network protocol mismatches or performance issues drain IT resources. The IT professionals at our Network Operations Center provide around-the-clock monitoring, maintenance and support for your LAN / WAN services.


Telephone Systems

Cloud based or Premise base phone system are an integral part of an organization’s infrastructure.  Somewhere in between lives the Phone calls are still at the forefront of main business communications.  it Defining the needs of the organization, departmen, customer service center and the management of the calls are in the epicenter of business communications.  There are other forms of communication that are more prevalent each day; text, chat, email, websites, video but at the core, when all else fails companies need to have a reliable Telephone communications solutions able to handle the demands of sophisticated users.

Considerations when purchasing a system are:


  • Purchase consideration: Capex or Opex
  • Evaluation of existing equipment – which features work and need to be kept
  • Request a Demo of proposed system to understand new features that will increase efficiency
  • Hosted VoIP Telephone Systems
  • PBX Systems
  • Call Center Solutions