Worldwide the way we communicate has been undergoing a massive transformation for the last decade.  It has been documented that most people, specially Millenniums, prefer to communicate electronically rather than face to face or even telephone conversations.  This is true for both personal and business communications.  Therefore the creation of all the different methods of communications available today need to be part of the everyday communications with customers and employees; social media, applications, text, email, chat, website, videos, mobile and always a good old phone call.  All or some of these need to be available, while being fast, reliable and secure.  In order to do this, Internet Bandwidth availability and functional availability is the key and it needs to be configured based on the importance of the applications and certain times of day and even of the month.  It must be customized to fit the needs of the organization, and all organizations are different.   It requires the expertise of an internal IT organization and the support of the Network providers or Consultants.

Enterprises need to proactively fit their organizations to meet all of the demands of the modern customers, employee and partners in a seamless and  organic way, providing options and creativity to remain relevant in their fields.    Convenience and speed is new definition of Loyalty.

Today more than ever companies need to be aware of the feature and functionality  available to upgrade communications systems to provide quality of service to customers and employees.

The major obstacle to implementing changes are :

  • The Expensive Perception!  Most decision makers procrastinate on upgrading voice data or network service and even phone systems, based on the perception that it is too expensive.    The reality is that it the industry is extremely competitive and 95% of companies that upgrade realize that they SAVE money by upgrading.

  • Too time-consuming! It is time consuming to decide what you will be upgrading, who will you be requesting quotes from, evaluating the solutions, allocating budget,  recommending/presenting and implementing.  The key here is counting on someone like Expedio that can provide pricing for  due diligence so  you only have to talk to us.  We provide the expertise in Engineering and solicit contracts from network companies directly on your behalf.  We can even build an ROI to justify the new solution and can help you present (or at least prepare for it) to the Management organization.    It’s like hiring a Telecom consultant without the expense!

  • Consider the new functionalities that your users will have and how this can increase productivity not to mention the possibility of saving money on a technology that was not contributing to the mission and/or image of the company and its management team.

  • Cost of not making changes can mean that your customers will choose a company that can provide an easier way of doing business with applications and availability you may not have.  Consumers will always seek for a company that has the greatest and most efficient technology over antiquated and hard to use systems and procedures.  Be a leader of change within your industry and companies will be willing to pay for that premium service.

Expedio has been able to save companies money and time by servicing companies that are willing to take an honest look within their organizations and are willing to consider a new and more efficient way of doing business.  We see 20-30% savings on just Telecom expenses when we evaluate companies that  have not upgrade in at the very minimum 3 years.  Our recommendations are always shorter terms on contract to obtain the best pricing from providers keeping technology and pricing up to date.

Expedio appreciates the opportunity to serve you lets meet to discuss all of your telecom needs and we will bring the expert and the due diligence to move forward!


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